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Etica Money Market Fund (KES) Effective Annual Yield 18.40% | Etica Money Market Fund (USD) Effective Annual Yield 9.43% | Etica Fixed Income Fund (KES) Effective Annual Yield 15.97% | Etica Shariah Fund (KES) Effective Annual Profit 10.89% | Etica Shariah Fund (USD) Effective Annual Profit 5.86% | Etica Wealth Fund - Class A (KES) Effective Annual Yield 17.67% Class B (KES) Effective Annual Yield 17.91% Class C (KES) Effective Annual Yield 18.15%

ETICA Fixed Income Fund (KES)

Etica Fixed Income Fund (KES)

The investment objective of the Etica Fixed Income Fund (KES) is to obtain a high level of current income while protecting investor's capital by investing in a diversified pool of fixed income instruments.

The fund aims to outperform yields available on the medium to long term fixed income instruments while enhancing liquidity.

Key Facts
Lock-in period
No lock-in period
Management Fee
2.0% p.a
Initial Fees
182 day T-Bill +1.0% p.a
Min. Investment Amount
KES 100.0
Compounding Frequency
Co-operative Bank Kenya Ltd
Equity Bank Kenya Ltd
Fund Manager
Etica Capital Ltd
Capital Markets Authority

Disclaimer: Yield Shown is net of all fees but gross of withholding tax. The past performance is no indication of future performance as the price of units may go up as well as down. The Capital Market Authority does not take responsibility for the financial soundness of the schemes or the correctness of any statements made or opinions expressed.

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