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Etica Money Market Fund (KES) Effective Annual Yield 18.25% | Etica Money Market Fund (USD) Effective Annual Yield 7.56% | Etica Fixed Income Fund (KES) Effective Annual Yield 15.53% | Etica Shariah Fund (KES) Effective Annual Profit 10.17% | Etica Shariah Fund (USD) Effective Annual Profit 4.54% | Etica Wealth Fund - Class A (KES) Effective Annual Yield 17.32% Class B (KES) Effective Annual Yield 17.56% Class C (KES) Effective Annual Yield 17.80%


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Etica Capital Ltd is a Wealth-Tech company looking to revolutionize wealth management for retail investors through technology. Our platform breeds transparency, innovation, and financial inclusion with as little as KES100

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Licensed & Regulated by The Capital Markets Authority, and a Member of ICIFA


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Securing Our Clients Financial Freedom

Outperforming the income yield available on money market instruments and fixed deposit accounts by holding a diversified portfolio of securities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Financial plans allow you to prepare for things like your child’s education, your home ownership, retirement, or big/unexpected life changes.

It should start with your goals and objectives, and from there we will build an investment portfolio that aligns with your needs.

You should review your plans every year, or in case of any major life transition and we are available to guide you accordingly.

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